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eMPack® is SEMIKRON’s new power module platform for electric drive systems. Optimized for use with silicon carbide and silicon technology, this (new) scalable, compact, highly reliable and efficient power module platform addresses the requirements of next-generation traction inverter designs. SEMIKRON's eMPack® Application Kit is the quick and easy way for customers to get started with any variant of the eMPack® power module. It is also the perfect tool for evaluating different power ratings and semiconductor technologies.

The transition of complete car platforms to full electric battery vehicle architectures is progressing rapidly. These architectures will demand scalable power electronics solutions for electric drive systems (EDS) that are capable of realizing a wide performance range in an economic way, resulting in an important competitive advantage to vehicle manufacturers. SEMIKRON’s new power module platform eMPack, which is based on a single module concept, is being developed for EDS inverter architectures covering a power range from ~50kW up to ~750kW. The combination of Silicon Carbide technology with SEMIKRON’s fully sintered, low stray inductance Direct Pressed Die Technology (DPD) enables unmatched power densities combined with high reliability for automotive application. Learn more about Power Electronics for Verhicles:

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